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Coral Gables Emergency Communications Team


Let us suppose that when the next “Storm of the Century” strikes South Florida, Coral Gables is standing — at least momentarily — directly in its path. By design, the state-of-the-art Communications Center at the Coral Gables Public Safety Building becomes the main hub of activity with all communications channeled through its array of sophisticated equipment.

Then suppose the terrific winds of the hurricane, as they are prone to do, begin uprooting trees, tossing them helter-skelter into electrical lines and knocking out power across the city. Suddenly, all the powerful technology we rely on and take for granted on a daily basis has no bars and no connection.

Who do you turn to then?

Coral Gables ARES/RACES is here to provide the following services for the community:

  • To provide emergency communications as needed and as requested during community event or in the event of a disaster.
  • To maintain readiness to provide communications in the event of a failure of emergency communications systems.
  • To support emergency services in gathering information about potential hazards to life and property.
  • To improve skills, knowledge, and abilities of ARES/RACES members through trainings and information.

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), authorized by Part 97.407 of the FCC Rules and Regulations, is a volunteer organization of licensed amateur radio operators who donate time, energy, skills, and use of personal equipment for public service. ARES/RACES members also operate radio equipment installed in Emergency Operations Centers and other strategic locations.

Coral Gables ARES/RACES supports all government services and agencies as requested, but remains, at all times, under the Coral Gables Emergency Management.

We meet every second Saturday at the Coral Gables Police Department (corner of Sevilla & Salzedo) in the basement starting at 10:00am. To become a member or for more information, please contact Jeff Wright at