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June Meeting Minutes

John Kolasiniski


June 18 – Jason
June 25th – Jason
July 2nd – David
July 9th – Lenny

  • Coral Gables Zone Net on Wednesday 7pm usually on 147.150 (+) pi 94.8.  Main net will be on the 146.760 until further notice.
  • Remember, Net Controls must check into the Wednesday night Main Net at 7:30pm to give the Net count to the Main Net Control operator when he/she asks for Coral Gables
  • Please email net report to Jeff
  • Please remember to follow back-up procedures if the primary person does not show.

Old Business

  • Current Copy of License/ARRL Training Certificates – Jeff must have from everyone. Please make sure to keep your personal information updated with Jeff and Lissette including amateur license and any training certificates.
  • Website – or .net
  • ID Cards – Any problems? Call Martha 305-460-5424. Justin and John pending at this point.
  • Farmers Market – It was nice. Got to meet new people, good way to promote what we do here.
  • Shirt updates – Key people for shirts are not in attendance. Will revisit this at a later date.
  • Nice kit updates- David and Justin are going to build a prototype to show everyone. No updates as of right now. There are lots of failure points, which is the reason for the redesign. Also, it is currently very heavy and will try to lighten it up.
  • Remember about notification of being out of town.
  • Remember Event After-Action reports

New Business

  • .150 is running great. No complaints so far
  • Trailer update – Trailer is in good shape. Roof developed a leak and swelled the drop down table in the center because it is made of particle board.
  • First Aid training scheduled for the August meeting. Bring $10 for supplies and cards.
  • Thank you for all your help with the Lotus House ride. It was a great success, and they were able to raise $45,000 from that ride, which is a great feat considering it was the first year for this ride, and it was supposed to be a small ride.
  • Miami-Dade is starting a RACES team. The meetings will take place quarterly before the Dade Radio Club meeting at the Miami Dade EOC all information will be at website and will also have info.

Continuing Education – Online FEMA Courses

  • – FEMA Website
  • – Coral Gables ARES/RACES Website
  • All Active Members of the Coral Gables ARES/RACES team must have IS 100 and 700.  IS 200 and 800 are optional, but are highly encouraged.
  • When you receive your certificate, please make a copy and hive it to Jeff for placement in your file.
  • Members may take as many of the online FEMA courses as they wish beyond the required ones for membership.  All of the courses are free and easily reached through the able website addresses.

Upcoming Events

  • Field Day – June 28-29: will be allowed to set up the Friday before. Can bring tents. DRC is taking Hambulance. Will trailer go? Bring own generator, setup, batteries. Should be working off auxiliary power. Will be at 288st & 187Ave at the Campbell Agricultural Center
  • October – DRC weekend out in the field
  • Any other Community events coming up?


Announcements: Don – Reportable weather is slacking as of late, even when operators are on the air and in bad weather. Please remember to report bad weather via weather net. There also is a weekly net WX4SFL net Thursday at 7pm on 444.025 PL 107.2 in Margate.

David – Interstate call boxes that are no longer being used, it is being considered for a repeater linking system.

147.505, Naples repeater on DMR and Miguel can hear it loud and clear.

Hamfest – Met with Miccosukkee people and contacted the Youth Fair people and are waiting to see who gives the better rate.

Revisit – Gables RACES handbooks need to be updated. Make it electronic?


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