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Coral Gables Emergency Communications Team

April 2014 Meeting Minutes


Apr. 16 John Dalnes
Apr. 23 Jason
Apr. 30 Justin
May 7 Don
May 14 Jeff

  • Coral Gables Zone Net on Wednesday 7pm usually on 147.150 (+) pi 94.8.  Until further notice or until we hear from K4AG that .150 is back as it should be, we will be using 146.760.
  • Remember, Net Controls must check into the Wednesday night Main Net at 7:30pm to give the Net count to the Main Net Control operator when he/she asks for Coral Gables
  • Please email net report to Jeff
  • Please remember to follow back-up procedures if the primary person does not show.

Old Business

  • Current Copy of License/ARRL Training Certificates – Jeff must have from everyone. Please make sure to keep your personal information updated with Jeff and Lissette including amateur license and any training certificates.
  • Website – or .net
  • ID Cards – Any problems? Call Martha 305-460-5424. Justin and John pending at this point.
  • Nice kit updates- Jason hasn’t been able to due much of anything.  Chargers are here, and everything needed to update them is here.  Just hasn’t had time.  Volunteers needed to help engineer them.  David and Justin have volunteered to bring up ideas.
  • Remember about notification of being out of town.
  • Remember Event After-Action reports

New Business

  • Trailer update – Trailer is in good shape.
  • Skywarn training February 22nd with the county
  • First Aid Training TBD $10 fees for materials.
  • We will place the order for shirts during the May meeting. Brandon is working on the order form.
  • Jason gave Jeff three of the trickle chargers for the NIC kits.  Two of them are for Felipe.

Continuing Education – Online FEMA Courses

  • – FEMA Website
  • – Coral Gables ARES/RACES Website
  • All Active Members of the Coral Gables ARES/RACES team must have IS 100 and 700.  IS 200 and 800 are optional, but are highly encouraged.
  • When you receive your certificate, please make a copy and hive it to Jeff for placement in your file.
  • Members may take as many of the online FEMA courses as they wish beyond the required ones for membership.  All of the courses are free and easily reached through the able website addresses.

Upcoming Events

  • TBD First Aid Training
  • May 4 – Lotus House Ride
  • Jun 28-29 – Field Day
  • Any other Community events coming up?



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